Cedent Consulting is a provider of IT services and have a unique way working with its clients which is designed to help the clients deliver sustainable results through seamless access to our IT solutions. Through commitment to mutual success and the achievement of tangible value, we help our clients procure IT solutions to leverage technology, and thrive through the power of collaboration.

Cedent has built a strong reputation for systematic and hands on approach to software Product development and Consulting. Cedent is an IT Product development company with software Consulting experience that delivers business driven solutions. Cedent dramatically enhances business performance by providing unparalleled technical, business process and strategy expertise to positively impact our clients’ critical systems.

Cedent has extensive experience in designing, developing IT solutions and committed to providing quality, innovative IT solutions designed to exacting requirements to allow organizations to operate more efficiently and competitively.


Nightly data backups
Secure server room
Backup internet connection

Easy to Use

Common sense menus
Tasks performed in one place
Clinician inspired workflow


Secure email
Secure health records
Full-featured accounting

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Email : info@mycarepro.com
Call Us : 972-905-9700

Benefits of CarePro
  • One software catering to both Home Healthcare & Hospice Industry.
  • Very User friendly User Interface.
  • Low cost of maintenance and quick turnaround to modify reporting requirements.
  • Ease of browsing the software taking into consideration the average age of care providers in the marketplace.
  • Self Generated Reports – Home Health or Hospice Agencies can make or do changes in reports in real time.
  • Claims process using CAREPRO rather than using a 3rd party connectivity and this reduces the overall operating cost to the Home Healthcare & Hospice agencies.
  • The claims submission will be real-time on both Medicare and Managed Care claims and reimbursements will be faster.
  • Low cost to set up agencies since setup and claims submission in one system.