IT Consulting Services

Cedent provides an agile and optimized business process enabling you to concentrate on executing your strategy and be sure that your IT systems and processes back your initiatives. We offer consultancy services that range from IT strategy and process consulting to technology consulting and solution architecture.

Our unique business model is driven by significant upfront investments in training and development of our personnel. We understand the need to evaluate top talent, retain this talent and proactively address your needs. Furthermore, we also provide reduced IT costs, manage change and build competitive advantage.

With an in-depth analysis we formulate a comprehensive IT strategy and roadmap with the aid of our senior IT specialists. We also provide IT management team over the short term, medium term and long term. At Cedent, we ensure that and experienced professional with the appropriate skills is assigned to your project.

Our Consulting Service Offerings include:

IT Strategy & Transformation Services

Cedent offers you IT strategy and transformation services that act as a key business resource and increase your customer satisfaction. We align your IT investments with your business goals, creating value for your organization. Aligning your investments with your goals enables you to make the most of your resources to reach their true potential.

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Application Development & Maintenance

We at Cedent provide specialized application development and maintenance services to its clients across the globe. The services aim at achieving and matching your unique business proposition that drives you towards a competitive advantage. In-depth analysis helps in understanding your business need and then implements it to create the design that works best for your business.

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Business Intelligence & Datawarehousing

Cedent offers Business Intelligence services to aid in managing you business data and maintains a proactive approach. We ensure that our client gets the information that works for them and aid you in taking better decisions for your organization. Our dedicated team of professionals assesses the huge amount of transactional data that you have, and help you extract knowledge and insight from your data.

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Project Management Services

Cedent offers project management services that include complete designing and deployment of the project. Our expertise adds value to your project through proficient design and implementation. Supported by a skilled and experienced team of IT professionals we focus on delivering high quality projects.

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Managed Services

Cedent enables you to enhance your IT services through well managed services that handle your day-to-day operations. We ensure that your systems are running properly and the server, email and networks are functioning without interruption. We actively handle all your IT support systems and support you while lessening your costs.

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Cedent provides staffing and recruitment solutions that can be customized to match your staffing needs. We understand and analyze your requirement and suggest you solutions that will work best for your industry, be it the entry level or an experienced and higher position.

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