Site Management & Contract Services

Single Point of Accountability Throughout the trial

Cedent develops strategic partnerships and establishes relationships with Sponsors/CROs and Investigative sites.
Cedent facilitates quick start-up and support to principal investigators to ensure that studies are completed in a timely manner while adhering to all the regulations and laws governing clinical research.

  • Assigning experienced site managers
  • Extensive study feasibility process
  • Routine compliance checks to ensures audit-readiness
  • Selecting qualified investigators
  • Timely IRB/IEC communications
  • Fully-integrated recruitment and retention campaigns
  • Negotiating & Implementing Contracting setups
  • Scheduling Routine Training

We make sure clients are regularly updated, and that all site communications are documented and accessible for review. The rigorous oversight not only helps us recruit sales and meet enrollment goals, it helps ensure that protocol requirements are satisfied, and that trials are run safely and smoothly.