Consulting Services

Cedent provides an agile and optimized business process enabling you to concentrate on executing your strategy.
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Legal Services
HR Services

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Cedent provides staffing and recruitment solutions that can be customized to match your staffing needs.
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Supply Chain Services

We aid clients in optimizing their services by providing them with Supply Chain outsourcing services. Our expertise triggers your organization towards growth through high performance and focus on reducing their investments. We improve your work capital through improvised and innovative services.

Through our expert supply chain services you can simplify complex supply chain processes and enhance your businesses. We offer optimum forecast and demand management solutions that manage your inventory efficiently no matter how large or small. Our services enable you to adapt quickly with dynamic market conditions and changing supply chain demands.

Our supply chain services enable you to prepare for all kinds of economic changes reducing your costs and also response time to cost pressures. We partner with you to offer long-term services to support you over the life span of your business.

Our supply chain management services offer management of:

  • Demand
  • Supply
  • Transportation
  • Materials
  • Production
  • Eco supply chain
  • Economical supply chain