Consulting Services

Cedent provides an agile and optimized business process enabling you to concentrate on executing your strategy.
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Legal Services
HR Services

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Cedent provides staffing and recruitment solutions that can be customized to match your staffing needs.
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Validation & Testing Services

Cedent provides validation and testing services to its clients to enable them to use our expertise in IT testing. Through the deployment of better technology we implement measures that test the validity and functioning of any application at your end.

We provide cost effective testing services to help companies lower their cost of testing deployments by identifying problems at an early stage. Testing applications in advance avoids project delays due to faults. We are equipped with state of the art processing tools that enable us to validate the software and technology at an early stage of the lifecycle.

The testing module is prepared closely with the organization, which matures over the lifecycle of the project. We also assist you in validating the design and architecture of the application, which can be deployed in live networks. We ensure that the production system meets the original design goals and also identifies issues at an early stage.

Supported by a team of skilled professionals we are also able to provide testing services across various industries. You can avail our testing services to ensure that high quality products are delivered at all times. We also identify development risks and product defects at an early stage saving your time and investments.

We assist you in setting up an environment that ensures that the final product is high on quality and does not have any functioning defects.