Consulting Services

Cedent provides an agile and optimized business process enabling you to concentrate on executing your strategy.
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Legal Services
HR Services

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Cedent provides staffing and recruitment solutions that can be customized to match your staffing needs.
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Customer Relationship Management

Cedent offers Customer Relationship Management services to enhance your customer experience and increase the retention rate. We enable you to attain high performance levels through efficient anticipation and meeting of customer expectations with ease.

We assist you in making the most of your marketing strategies by streamlining your investments with marketing capabilities. We leverage your customer insights through developed and well structured value propositions. The use of effective channels optimizes your marketing operations to enhance returns on your investments.

Working with your team and senior executives we design CRM programs to enhance your sales by seamlessly aligning your strategic resources with your services. All round management of your sales force behavior enhances your functioning capabilities.

We evaluate your current service operations to segment and analyze your operations and also to understand the improvements and changes to be incorporated. Service modules are created to attain better results with lesser investments and strike a balance between the cost of service and potential value of customer relationship.