Business Intelligence & Data warehousing

Cedent offers Business Intelligence services to aid in managing you business data and maintains a proactive approach. We ensure that our client gets the information that works for them and aid you in taking better decisions for your organization. Our dedicated team of professionals assesses the huge amount of transactional data that you have, and help you extract knowledge and insight from your data.

We leverage our business and domain knowledge to provide you end-to-end business solutions that meet industry needs within a short span of time. Through our services we aim at reducing the time resources and cost associated with managing data, our flexible solutions enable you to gain valuable insight.

Our business Intelligence approach helps you identify the necessary targets and strategy that give you an advantage at the initiation of the project. We analyze and create a prototype program and create high quality design that ensures you achieve your business results. Once your BI requirements are defined it enables us to go around the strategy in a well planned way.

We incorporate a well balanced onsite-offshore model for delivery of our BI solutions to bring to you high quality solutions that meet your stipulated timelines. Key activities and onsite implementations ensure further aid you in attaining better results. Meticulous planning and dedication enables us to further achieve your business objective through varied tools which prove beneficial in the long run.

Our business development services feature:

  • Real time assessment of present BI systems and their effectiveness
  • Measuring ROI and evaluation of solutions and tools
  • Creating a BI strategy and design
  • Designing the BI plan and also creating the plan of execution
  • Aligning process information and data
  • Identifying data resources and integrating it with key functionalities
  • Developing dependent and independent data access points
  • Implementing data and defining aggregation rules
  • Creating and presenting relevant reports