Application Development & Maintenance

We at Cedent provide specialized application development and maintenance services to its clients across the globe. The services aim at achieving and matching your unique business proposition that drives you towards a competitive advantage. In-depth analysis helps in understanding your business need and then implements it to create the design that works best for your business.

Our team of professionals leverages your product experience through in-depth analysis and thorough processes. Through quality processes we develop an application that suits your business needs and is prepared through best in class software. We help you develop and maintain the application through low costs.

We also add our utility services which further enhances the application services that are used to create new software. Our public frameworks and utilities further add value to the application services that we are providing. We have divided our framework into smaller sections to make the process of development and maintenance easy and more profitable.

We create objective oriented design that enables you to achieve your business goals with lesser efforts. Lifecycle process and technology helps you on a long term basis and utilize rich applications. We partner with you to meet all your customer needs and the rising user interface.

Our Application Development Services include:

  • Analysis of the technological requirement
  • JEE and .NET assistance
  • Developing required and customized application
  • Product engineering for developing software products
  • Migration of applications
  • Creating new reports and custom reporting applications
  • Providing complete maintenance and support post delivery of product
  • Third party interface and legacy system
  • Integration of business processes across diverse systems and products